Tuesday, April 10, 2012


There are two types of Testimonials:
1. Employment Testimonial
2. Educational Testimonial

Employment Testimonial:
The employment testimonial is usually issued by the former Supervisor or Team leaders or Managers. In most cases the testimonial consists of these parts:
1. Duration and position the employee has worked for and the relationship to the person writing the testimonial
2. Major projects undertaken during the employment period. Particular achievements pointed out.
3. Performance during the tenure
4. Thank you note and wish for future success of the employee

Educational Testimonial:
The educational testimonial is usually given by the professor at university or other academic staff. It consists of the following parts:
1. Duration since when the academic staff has known the student and which subjects have been taught.
2. Academic performance (often in relation to peers)
3. Characteristics of the Student.
4. Recommendation of the Student for future employment and wish him success.

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